Increase opportunity.

Decrease poverty.

Increase opportunity.

Decrease poverty.

Help light the path and guide a survivor to a viable future.

People give billions to charity every year. Does anything ever change? Handouts don’t lift people out of poverty. Charity as we know it can’t deliver lasting change. 

What can? The power of business. 

Helping survivors thrive

“Survivors” are remarkable people. They’re not victims, they’re overcomers. They’re more than what happened to them on their worst day. They are survivors. 

You can help create opportunity for individuals who have overcome:

  • Regional Conflicts, War & Atrocities
  • Domestic Violence (IPV)
  • Human Trafficking
  • Aging Out / Transition from Foster Care
  • Incarceration and Substance Abuse

Opportunity over handouts.

We don’t give things like food, medicine, or secondhand clothing. Our partner relationships do this great work. We invest in people’s ability to provide what they need for themselves so they can move forward in life.

Bridge the gap.

Be the employer. Be the mentor. Be the donor.

You can also volunteer your time to Viable beneficiaries, that desire professional mentors who can help them learn more about a particular industry to include industry trends, dynamics and career paths.

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Growing prosperity


Families in Uganda suffered years of violence from the LRA. Today, 3 in 4 rely on farming to survive—some stretching as little as $13 a month to get by.


Plenty of charities offer seeds, loans, and training—none of which help farmers earn a fairer price for the crops. We connect farmers to bigger markets and reputable buyers, helping them grow what the market needs—so they can sell more, earn more, and lift themselves out of poverty. 

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Reclaiming independence


Thousands are exploited by human trafficking every year in the US. Many anti-trafficking charities focus on awareness and restoration.

Without a meaningful employment, 4 in 5 trafficking survivors will be trafficked again, as many as seven times. We connect survivors with employers who can offer a trauma-informed workplace. We provide onsite walk-throughs, interview coaching, and ongoing mentorship as they reclaim their independence. 

Provide a durable solution to poverty for survivors around the world.

Reese Parrott: Director of Career Development

Reese is a seasoned professional in career development, with experience spanning entry-level to C-level roles across a wide variety of industries. She passionately advocates that employees are a company’s greatest asset and champions positive culture change by prioritizing the hiring of individuals who bring more than what’s listed in job descriptions. Reese excels in creating efficient processes, driving performance improvements, and establishing corporate talent acquisition divisions from the ground up. Her life’s work centers around helping others. She found her true calling at Viable Inc, where she guides trauma survivors to discover meaningful work and independence. Reese’s journey is one of empowerment, transformation, and a relentless commitment to the growth of individuals and organizations alike.