Vulnerable to Viable

our clients have healthy community and a guide to meaningful employment

Vulnerable to Viable

our clients have healthy community and a guide to meaningful employment

Help connect people to markets they can’t otherwise reach on their own.


We’re the charity for skeptics.

Good intentions aren’t enough. Handouts can temporarily alleviate suffering (and make donors feel better), but we care about what works. We do what charity alone cannot: we combine good intentions with effective solutions that can actually lift people out of poverty and break the cycle of dependency.

We apply the best business practices to our work.

We come from the business world. We use market-based solutions to help survivors work, earn. and thrive. Whether it’s people newly rescued from human trafficking who need safe, secure jobs, or farmers in Africa who need buyers for their crops—we offer opportunity over handouts. We treat  people we serve like partners, investing in their untapped potential.

Ben Turner
Board Member, President
Davis Mukiza
Supply Chain Manager
Bob Bender
Board Member

Rich Miles
Board Member

Jillian Anderson
Senior Relationship Manager

Reese Parrott
Director of Career Development

Kyera York
Executive Assistant

Tony Elovitz
Marketing and IT

We work with like-minded partners in different geographies, serving different communities, to meet one need: providing meaningful employment for survivors. Our partners include:

  • Direct service agencies providing rescue and aftercare for survivors of human trafficking


  • Independent living programs serving youth transitioning out of foster care


  • Recovery and housing agencies caring for survivors of domestic violence / IVP


  • Rural communities whose leaders have organized local cooperatives to save, invest and transact together


  • Vetted employers who can provide meaningful job opportunities and healthy work environments for survivors

In Faith

Our stewardship of gifts and talents entrusted to us by God guides our work as an outward expression of our Christian faith, showing compassion to the suffering. We embrace the opportunity to work with people of different faiths and backgrounds for a shared objective of service to the world.

Let’s bridge the gap between poverty and opportunity.

Ben Turner: Board Member, President

Ben has worked in ten countries to facilitate and develop business opportunities for vulnerable people. His business background includes experience with a Fortune 500 company as well as small businesses in the financial service and equipment leasing sectors. His advisory services have included business valuation and other mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities. Ben’s strengths include strategic planning, business development in new and legacy markets, operations, contracting, financial management, and analysis.

Davis Mukiza: Supply Chain Manager

Davis oversees Viable’s work in Uganda, bringing over 15 years’ leadership experience working in rural business development and advisory services. He has expertise in agricultural value chain finance, business development, and portfolio oversight. Throughout his career, Davis has provided training and mentorship to women-owned businesses and farmers. He earned his postgraduate diploma in agribusiness and post-harvest management from Galilee International Management Institute in Israel, and his bachelor degree (with honors) in entrepreneurship and small business management from Makerere University in Uganda.

Bob Bender: Board Member

Bob brings experience in international supply chain management to the Viable team. He’s owned and operated global sourcing companies serving the production needs of leading brands, influencers, and select retailers for more than twenty years. Bob has successfully opened new markets and new channels of distribution while investing in long-term international manufacturing partners. He is skilled in understanding customer needs, developing quality products, and directing business ventures that deliver excellence on time.

Rich Miles: Board Member

Rich Miles advises Viable on finances and accounting, including insight into financial modeling developed by Viable on behalf of others. With over 40 years’ executive management experience, Rich is able to facilitate market opportunities around the world. He has served in CEO, COO, and CFO roles, as well as senior business advisor to a number of middle-market companies to execute company turnarounds and implement acquisition strategies. His range of experience includes NYSE, NASDAQ, and other mid-market companies. He owns and manages a boutique advisory service firm serving privately held, often family-owned businesses.

Jillian Anderson: Senior Relationship Manager
Jillian’s professional passion is helping individuals and teams achieve and expand their potential to become the best version of themselves. Through a relationship-centered approach, Jillian blends her professional experience as a serial entrepreneur and small business investor with her community experience as a lecturer and facilitator for women’s leadership training and seminars. Jillian’s gifts and skill set are uniquely suited to assist Viable’s clients in their journey from vulnerable to viable.

Reese Parrott: Director of Career Development

Reese is a seasoned professional in career development, with experience spanning entry-level to C-level roles across a wide variety of industries. She passionately advocates that employees are a company’s greatest asset and champions positive culture change by prioritizing the hiring of individuals who bring more than what’s listed in job descriptions. Reese excels in creating efficient processes, driving performance improvements, and establishing corporate talent acquisition divisions from the ground up. Her life’s work centers around helping others. She found her true calling at Viable Inc, where she guides trauma survivors to discover meaningful work and independence. Reese’s journey is one of empowerment, transformation, and a relentless commitment to the growth of individuals and organizations alike.