Liberating people from charity

so they can walk the last mile from poverty to hope

We offer durable solutions to poverty by connecting people to markets they can’t otherwise reach.


We’re the charity for skeptics.

Good intentions aren’t enough. Handouts can temporarily alleviate suffering (and make donors feel better), but we care about what works. We do what charity alone cannot: we combine good intentions with effective solutions that can actually lift people out of poverty and break the cycle of dependency.

We apply the best business practices to our work.

We come from the business world. We use market-based solutions to help survivors work, earn. and thrive. Whether it’s people newly rescued from human trafficking who need safe, secure jobs, or farmers in Africa who need buyers for their crops—we offer opportunity over handouts. We treat  people we serve like partners, investing in their untapped potential.

Ben Turner
President, Board Member
Davis Mukiza
Supply Chain Manager
Bob Bender
Board Member
Hayley Elliott
Employment Navigator

Rich Miles
Board Member


We work with like-minded partners in different geographies, serving different communities, to meet one need: providing meaningful employment for survivors. Our partners include:

  • Direct service agencies providing rescue and after-care for survivors of human trafficking

  • Independent living programs serving youth transitioning out of foster care

  • Recovery and housing agencies caring for survivors of domestic violence

  • Rural communities whose leaders have organized local cooperates to save, invest and transact together

  • Vetted employers who can provide meaningful job opportunities and healthy work environments for survivors

In Faith

Our stewardship of gifts and talents entrusted to us by God guides our work as an outward expression of our Christian faith, showing compassion to the suffering. We embrace the opportunity to work with people of different faiths and backgrounds for a shared objective of service to the world.

Let’s bridge the gap between poverty and opportunity.