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We love to see people use their gifts and talents.

Give monthly The best way to help more survivors lift themselves out of poverty is to give monthly. Your recurring donation will be reinvested again and again—creating job after job, opportunity after opportunity. Become a monthly donor >

Pray for our work

We welcome your prayers for our team and the people we serve. The wounds of poverty and abuse can linger for years. The work our staff and volunteers do each day can be heavy and challenging. Your prayers lift all of us up. Sign up for email updates >

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Hire survivors

We are constantly working to connect survivors of abuse and human trafficking with safe, reliable jobs. If you’re a business owner in the US and are able to provide a trauma-informed work environment, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch >

Volunteer with us If you have experience in logistics, recruiting, business development, finance, or marketing/communications (to name just a few areas), we could use your help. You can also volunteer to be a professional mentor to some of the people we serve. Contact us >
Travel with us See firsthand how your donations are impacting lives, as part of one of our traveling work groups. Trips include business meetings with commercial partners, planning and evaluation meetings with local implementation partners, and in-person visits with some of the people we serve. Reach out to learn more > 

Bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.

Give today to create real opportunity + real jobs for survivors.

Reese Parrott: Director of Career Development

Reese is a seasoned professional in career development, with experience spanning entry-level to C-level roles across a wide variety of industries. She passionately advocates that employees are a company’s greatest asset and champions positive culture change by prioritizing the hiring of individuals who bring more than what’s listed in job descriptions. Reese excels in creating efficient processes, driving performance improvements, and establishing corporate talent acquisition divisions from the ground up. Her life’s work centers around helping others. She found her true calling at Viable Inc, where she guides trauma survivors to discover meaningful work and independence. Reese’s journey is one of empowerment, transformation, and a relentless commitment to the growth of individuals and organizations alike.