Go beyond compassion.

Give survivors what they need most: a chance to thrive.

Go beyond compassion.

Give survivors what they need most: a chance to thrive.

People around the world are trapped in cycles of poverty, exploitation, and abuse.

Charity can help, but it cannot lift them out. Handouts may keep them going for a while, but forever at the mercy of someone else’s pity. Even the best job training programs are of little use if they don’t link people to actual jobs.

We connect survivors of abuse to real jobs, real income, real opportunity.

Disrupt the cycle of dependency.

Every survivor has the potential to work, earn, and thrive. We help them find sustainable, viable paths to prosperity, connecting them to markets they can’t otherwise reach.

Healthy independence is possible

Employers offer opportunity in healthy work environments. Survivors want careers and have a value to offer. The right preparation, connections and support creates a win / win. 

Bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.

Please give today.

“Safe and sustainable employment is one of the most effective ways to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and the re-exploitation of survivors.”

– Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

Reese Parrott: Director of Career Development

Reese is a seasoned professional in career development, with experience spanning entry-level to C-level roles across a wide variety of industries. She passionately advocates that employees are a company’s greatest asset and champions positive culture change by prioritizing the hiring of individuals who bring more than what’s listed in job descriptions. Reese excels in creating efficient processes, driving performance improvements, and establishing corporate talent acquisition divisions from the ground up. Her life’s work centers around helping others. She found her true calling at Viable Inc, where she guides trauma survivors to discover meaningful work and independence. Reese’s journey is one of empowerment, transformation, and a relentless commitment to the growth of individuals and organizations alike.